For students

In the E-LEARNING, there are absolutely all necessary modules and systems for achieving successes in study.


Receiving the lessons schedule and hometasks

If a student got sick and cannot attend school, then all hometasks may be done at home. So, children are not behind the school program and can go on lessons without fear of getting lower marks or misunderstanding of something. Also, teachers may leave advices to children, give links to necessary electronic study materials, electronic version of a lesson. However, IT achievements rescue not only in single cases. In case of quarantine, cancellation of lessons, all students can view helpful information in the E-LEARNING system and communicate with teachers, class master and each other without wasting time. It’s simple, easy, modern!

Access to e-books, necessary education resources

It is not always comfortable to bear a dozen heavy books. Especially, textbooks that have outlived themselves morally and physically. Today, there is enough many permanently updated and actual content on all subjects. Advanced teachers work out own programs, own methodical manuals, helping to reach big results, assimilate more knowledge. Necessary information for studying is constantly downloaded and updated in the E-LEARNING. Always at hand, always available!

Viewing marks in electronic gradebook and in class register

Motivation is the best friend. Students can view their achievements in electronic class register, get a grade in electronic gradebook. Moreover, all information is confidential: no one of class mates will be able to see the grade for control work, but to communicate with each other and discuss successes— you are welcome! Convenience of information viewing on academic progress is reaffirmed by possibility of statistics viewing per week, month and even year.

Online attendance possibility of additional lessons and consulting with the teachers

Timely academic performance often hastens a teacher and prevents a student from keeping pace with the rest of students. Being behind as to knowledge of this or that discipline hinders not only a student’s academic progress, but also his/her psychological state According to statistics, a child suffers when getting an unsatisfactory grade, retires into its shell, ceases understanding and estimating the advantages given by study. That is why the capability of each student’s communication with teachers is designed in E-LEARNING system, as well as ability to obtain additional knowledge, ask questions and get answers, for instance, when doing homework. Additional classes do not take extra time for going to school and for the need to stay in school after classes. All quickly, all online!