To parents

Promptly receiving reliable information regarding a child’s academic progress and attendance. Environment for communication on children bringing up and education.


Observe children’s grades and success

The E-LEARNING system allows parents to find out about each child’s academic progress without leaving home and diverting from work.

Operative and efficient interaction with school administration and teachers

Thanks to e-Learning system, parents have an opportunity to communicate with teachers, get to know the innovations in education system, to participate more actively in the life of school and their children. Now, every parent may ask questions directly, make suggestions and consult teachers regarding children bringing up and education. The E-LEARNING includes sending out SMS and direct communication with the teacher in question.

Viewing the grades and other helpful information concerning learning

Does a child attend all school lessons? At what disciplines it is worth working more intensively? Each parent may control all this for the sake of son’s/daughter’s future success. In the E-LEARNING, there is a capability of getting remote access to viewing the grades in all disciplines. Now it is much harder to hide a grade book or tear out a page with unsatisfactory grade. This is a formal information which can only be viewed by parents upon getting the respective login and password for sign on to the system. Parents may also monitor children’s staying in school. The System helps mothers, fathers and grandmothers cease worrying and be unalarmed about children’s attending classes.

Public services

Parents can obtain the automated public services, such as “Documents submission for enrollment to the schools” and ”Documents submission for free meals to some categories of pupils at secondary schools”.