To education authorities

Capability of promptly obtaining statistical reports regarding the situation in education. Ability to form analytical samples and to consider the dynamics of industry’s development in various aspects. The functioning of the corporate portal.


Assess the situation in education

Information that comes to National Education Database (NEDB) can be analyzed for further modernization of the industry.

Quick receipt of reports, statistical data

How to optimize the work? How to carry out activity faster and more transparently? Collection and processing of data in E-LEARNING run automatically. Similarly, it is possible to create various reports, to keep records, to provide the ready information to other ministries and bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dissemination of orders and a comprehensive communication

How to develop actual study programs taking into account the needs of students? How to control and improve the performance in the organization? With E-LEARNING, workers at all levels of education sphere can exchange information, can send the obtained statistics to the Ministry of Education’s Situation Center, and vice versa. Contact with regions and each separate education organization: thanks to e-Learning system, the work of management bodies is improved, even though they are geographically distant from each other.