Digital content

Digital educational resources are digital learning materials on the disciplines that provide interactive training , such as: photos, video clips, static and dynamic models, objects of virtual reality and interactive simulation, sound records and other learning materials.


In Kazakh and Russian

Currently, digital educational resources are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English ​​in accordance with the language of teaching. Moreover, the system is multilingual, it allows to place and identify training materials in other languages as well, in which students are taught in education organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also in the foreign languages studied.

For schools and colleges

The system provides digital educational resources in various disciplines, the study of which is included in the curricula of secondary schools and technical and vocational education institutions. All the materials are easy to download with due consideration to copyright. You can find the material in any format; there are also the structured directories of subjects and topics. If necessary, users can get access and links to other electronic libraries outside e-Learning.

General secondary education

10,604 DER were developed in 15 school subjects, 8 subjects in humanities and 7 in science and maths. The available resources cover almost the full curricula of the subjects: Kazakh language for 2-11 grades (90.9%); History of Kazakhstan for 5-11 grades (100%); Mathematics for 1-6 grades (100%); Algebra for 7-11 grades (100%); Geometry for 7-11 grades (100%); Physics for 7-11 grades (100%); Chemistry for 8-11 grades (100%).

Technical and Vocational education

The work done on the development of digital content for technical and vocational education. In 2013-2014, 3,948 DER were designed for colleges in 16 disciplines of various specialties. Teachers of TVE general subjects can also use resources that were designed for comprehensive school.

Popular categories

About developers

In 2011, National Informatization Center developed 468 resources on the History of Kazakhstan for 5-11 grades. These were tested in pilot schools in Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Karaganda region.

With a view to ensuring the quality of e-learning and the use of the world's best practices in education, an international consortium of developers of digital educational content was established, which involved both foreign and domestic companies. (March 16, 2012 in Astana)In 2012, the Consortium member companies, such as «Whizz Education» (United Kingdom), «SIVECO» (Romania), Young Digital Planet (Poland), ТОО «I-QAZAQ», ООО «ZDreamteam» (Russia), АО «National Center of Informational Technologies» (Kazakhstan), , «L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University» (Kazakhstan), ДГП «Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics» (Kazakhstan) developed 7043 DER in school and college disciplines.