§ e-Learning - Equipment


Additional computer- and mobile classrooms, monoblocks, interactive whiteboards and projectors, digital podium supplied by the project increase the availability and effectiveness of the e-learning.
Desktops, monoblocks, notebooks, MFP, projectors, digital podium

  • Системный блок IREZH61 KZ
  • Монитор Samsung LS20B300NS с диагональю 20.0”
  • Устройство бесперебойного питания SVC V-800-F-LCD
  • Наушники с микрофоном Genius HS-04S

Logycom - IREX PCs

Logycom - IREX Computer, assembled and tested at the factory of «Logycom»:

  • System unit model IREZH61 KZ
  • Monitor Samsung LS20B300NS with a diagonal of 20.0”
  • Uninterruptible power supply SVC V-800-F-LCD
  • Headphones with Microphone Genius HS-04S
  • Surge protector
  • Licensed operating system Win 7 Pro DOEM Academic
  • Licensed pack of office software MS OfficeProPlus 2013 SNGL OLP NL Academic with Kazakh language pack
The warranty period for the system unit - 3 years. Confirmed by a certificate of origin ST-KZ.

Monoblocks HP Pro All-in-One 3520

Monoblock HP Pro All-in-One 3520 with a dual-core processor Intel® Celeron G1610, wide anti-glare screen with a diagonal of 20 "LCD. Provided with licensed software (licensed operating system Win 7 Pro DOEM Academic, licensed pack of office software MS OfficeProPlus 2013 SNGL OLP NL Academic with language pack in Kazakh). Warranty period - 3 years.

  • Моноблок HP Pro All-in-One 3520
  • Моноблок HP Pro All-in-One 3520
  • Ноутбук HP Probook 4540s
  • Ноутбук HP Probook 4540s

HP Probook 4540s laptops

Laptop HP Probook 4540s with the dual-core processor, a wide anti-glare screen with a diagonal of 15.6 ", with built-in video card, speakers and microphone. Licensed software (licensed operating system Win 7 Pro DOEM Academic, licensed pack of office software MS OfficeProPlus 2013 SNGL OLP NL Academic with language pack in Kazakh) provided. Warranty period - 2 years.

Epson WorkForcePro WP-4525DNF multifunction device

MFP Epson WorkForcePro WP-4525DNF - nkjet multifunctional device with wide features of printing, scanning and copying.

  • МФУ EpsonWorkForcePro WP-4525DNF
  • МФУ EpsonWorkForcePro WP-4525DNF
  • Интерактивный проектор Epson EB-485Wi
  • Интерактивный проектор Epson EB-485Wi

Interactive Projector Epson EB-485Wi

Ultra-Interactive 3LCD Projector Epson EB-485Wi designed specifically for creating interactive classes in schools and universities.
The package includes USB power cable, remote control with batteries, 2 interactive stylus pencil case, CD with software and documentation, user guide, wall mount, USB-extension cable, VGA cable. The warranty of the projector - 2 years, lamp: 1 year or 1000 hours.

Interactive projector EIKI LC-WIP3000

Interactive projector EIKI LC-WIP3000 enables teacher’s showing slides, video, making notes, drawing, sketching various schemes applied to the projected image overlays, making changes and saving them as computer files, and creating digital learning resources. It has the function of saving an image with notes in computer's memory, and of transfering the saved documents by e-mail or by local network.
Manufacturer: EIKI (Japan)

  • Интерактивный проектор EIKI LC-WIP3000
  • Интерактивный проектор EIKI LC-WIP3000

Multimedia digital podium Maestro - 22W

Multimedia digital podium Maestro - 22W is a device that combines audio and video source signals, embedded interactive monitor, personal computer, a controller with a touch panel, data display, loudspeaker and wireless radio-microphone systems. Licensed package of office software Microsoft Windows 8 Professional with language pack in the Kazakh language, as well as user manuals in Kazakh and Russian are provided.
Manufacturer: АНА INC CO., LTD (South Korea)

Network Infrastructure

Complex network equipment consists of the following components:

  • cabling infrastructure (cables, cable ducts, power outlets);
  • WI-FI - infrastructure;
  • connection of multimedia and digital equipment, computer and class rooms, offices of administrative staff, working area of teachers and students, school proxy-servers
  • communication infrastructure (cabinets, switches)
  • connection of SCS with the existing network of educational organizations
Active network equipment supplied with the software D-Link D-View 6.0 Professional version (DV-600P), which provides centralized remote monitoring, with the necessary perpetual licenses.