Teaching, learning, and collaboration at any distance, at any time thanks to the built-in technology that facilitates access to classes. Software Adobe® Connect ™ provides a powerful platform of distributed learning and communication increasing the efficiency of the administration and creating global classrooms.


Adobe Connect meeting

Adobe® Connect ™ Meeting represents a real time conference, in which several users can participate. Meeting room is an interactive application that is used for holding a meeting. This room includes various panels (modules) and components. You can use one of the seven layouts or create your own room. In the meeting room, users or visitors may share computer screens or files, chat, broadcast audio and video, as well as participate in other interactive activities.

Adobe Connect Events

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect ™ Pro Events allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of the various activities, from important to minor ones, including registration, invitations, reminders and reports. Events in Connect can be used with meetings, seminars, presentations or trainings. Usually, multiple members participate in the event, so it is important to think everything over before and after the event.

Content Management

In Adobe Connect Central, there are four libraries: library of contents, library of training, library of meetings, and library of management activities. In the library of content, we have the content used in virtual classrooms and rooms for holding meetings. It includes: presentations, SWF-files, image files, audio and video files, and so on. The library of training contains: training programs, courses and virtual audience. In the library of meetings, the rooms are are kept for holding the meetings. In the library of event management, the events are stored.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Simplifying the meetings with an intuitive interface. Automatic resizing and zooming in Adobe Connect 8 allows efficient use of the screen. The features of sound and image controls allow you to configure the meeting. Ability to drag multimedia content from external windows allows creating more compelling and impressive presentations, and thus improving the overall quality of holding meetings. Use the capabilities of increasing the interactivity and clarity of meetings through formatting the notes that supports bold and italic, font color and bulleted lists.

Adobe Connect Desktop

Adobe Connect 8 system includes an Adobe Connect Desktop component which is an additional application based on Adobe AIR which simplifies the organization of meetings and work with recorded videos.

A full-featured audio and video broadcast

Try the improved capabilities of participating in meetings which is reached by integrating with external audio and video conferencing systems. Using Adobe Connect 8, students can participate in meetings from their own computers, which increases the accessibility and reduces the cost of web conferencing.

Adobe Connect 8 enables the operation of audio bridge in the conferences, so that participants can communicate via phones or computer microphones.