For administration

Maintaining the legal framework, developing the reports and documentation, recording human resource, developing the school schedule — all these can be automated, improved and accelerated.


Full automation of all business processes

The E-LEARNING system allows managing human resources, maintaining students’ personal records, conducting tests and control works, managing the school and learning process, etc. Thus, administration of an education institution practically fully gets rid of extra paperwork. This enables concentrating on more important objectives - on management of teachers’ staff and improvement of quality of education.

Help in analysis of the school work as a whole

The school's level depends on students’ academic progress and attendance, as well as the possibility of implementing more interesting and useful novelties, general development of school with teachers, and assessment of activity of administration and teaching staff. In the E-LEARNING, the education institution’s administration may monitor students’ academic progress and attendance, control teachers’ work, and improve school’s interaction with students’ parents and management bodies.